Volunteer Railroad Crew are Welcome

We welcome new crew members to help keep us going, for Fall Fair 2023 and our 2024 season.

Tasks: Be a track switcher, assistant stationmaster or assistant ticket seller and after some experience, learn to be a train engineer.

Commitment: an hour or more at our events. Learn on the job.

Can be a Family Activity: adults do the work, family members ride free.

Interested?  *Ask any crew-member, or *email  info@prfhs.org

or *call Dave at 604-413-1224 or *check out  http://qathet.prfhs.org/whats-new/

Work Parties

PRFHS Projects

TaskThe WorkStatus, next steps,
Top PriorityOrganize the donkey skids, Electrical parts for the shedDan Dave
Operations – EventsSundays 12:30 – 2:30, Apr 24 through Sep 25
Next work party: Tues April 26, 6:30
Fathers Day June 19 with Car Club; Fall Fair Sep 23-25 Ghost train Oct 29, 30; Santa train 2 weekends
On track for opening.
Semi-handicap car, shed shelving, look at Controller Geoff leading June 19 event Market/car club supportive Fall Fair date decided
Santa Dec 10, 11, 17, 18?
Top-priority Maintenance

Track: more test and level; adjust some switch springs Repair: Water wheel balance. Loco: Fix headlight wiring (erratic ground return), Tender: Install switch with led glow light to disconnect battery to avoid accidental discharge All car wheels: Inspect for status, repair or replace as needed (some can be smoothed on the lathe, some by machining/replacing the “Tire” Handicap car: consider larger wheels to improve stability Visible Numbers on the rolling stockLoco oil was changed, drive puck ok,

Dan replaced the Tender compressor switch RMI in Ventura CA has wheels

frequent derails, particularly when not fully loaded
House numbers on loco and cars
Donkey #1619 projectBuild the sled, plan frame/sled integration, plan move, get siting approval, paint/restore as needed, arrange transport equipment, move/install it, make interpretive signsSiting: FAI/PEPS have approved: site near track

Sled: Dan contacting potential chainsaw crew (hoping either Russ Parsons or Julian Welp will lead
Shed; Electricity (lighting, wall plugs, eLoco charging) Wall shelves 3/4 ply;12” x 25’, white 12×16 L-bracketsFrom Juhli: FAI is bringing power to one plug in the shed. Our job: Ditch digging plus Interior shed work only.Plan prepared. LED lights nearly $300; Flourescent half that. Which way?
Shelving material on site
New semi-handicap carBuild frame and superstructure, install braking-trucks, extend the air-compressor lines, make Kiwanis recognition signs.Next work: Tues April 26, 6:30
Backup Locomotive: Interim – going electric, so shed electricity a priority
Final – our own electric loco

borrowing Dan’s ride-on powered ride-car. Using 4qd Pro-D160 Controller Need two new big batteries – Need two powered trucks, then – Build an 8’ powered flatcar that can eventually become a steam-outline Climax locomotive. – Will use 4qd controller and batteries from the interim; then need a soundcard; and build superstructureController Arrived April 18 https://www.4qd.co.uk/product/pro-160/ Pair of Interstates approx $400
RMI: TRUCK-486, Equalized Truck, 12″ Wheel Base, 5.7″ sprocket Wheels, 1 Hydraulic Motor 2x$1700= $3,400
Add passenger car for when using two locosLow priority – finish semi-handicap braking car and 2nd loco projects – would need to do Lean-to project
More Plastic Ties for track repairs and later expansionOrder and have shipped to Blaine pickup point and then get volunteer to pick up and deliver to PR.Have quote $995US for 864 ties from Allen Models of Nevada and $620US from   www.edgelogisticsinc.com for shipping to Blaine. (pallet holds 9 @48 tie boxes per layer. Dan may buy part of order)
Solid surface in station to avoid gravel kicked onto rails. 30’ long’ 3’ between tracks, 12-18’ ouside tracksCould be a pour, or patio stones, or patio pvc product Stones: 150 sq.ft. X $5/sqft = $750Discussed Arpil 12 decided too big a project to do it right; will await to when ties need replacing
Add to Model environment, eg water towerAny models welcome to enhance visual aspect of our ride.Leif planning to continue water tower development to make it functional.
Narrow Lean-to on the north side of the old shed, for a loco and cars.New shed becoming full, and need more room when we have more rolling stock. Would connect to the hand-car track near the station.Only when needed
Gutters for the Station, funnel the water into Leif’s water towerDo a Plan, procure gutters, installNead a Lead
Extended trackThe “Gisborne loop” – from our oldest loop over to near Myrtle Road, through the trees, then back through the grove to our oldest loop.Low priority
Garden railroad for hobbyists and public to enjoyFull project from scratch; Develop a plan; get permission to use proposed site (grove NW of the Banks shed); procure track, prepare the groundNeed a Lead.
Should buy some track now for the diplays in the Quanset at Santa train

TaskThe WorkStatus, next steps,
Repair Donkey SignRestore the 3rd panel to the Donkey info. Assess damage, weld as needed, replace lexan?, installBroken sign is at Dan Parson’s shop. Assess/plan. Need access to the trail (Sewer project)
Replace rotten deck boards on the DonkeyMeasure, plan, Get 3” lumber and fasteners, install
Repair a few interpretive signs.
Artifact signs only; leaving the nature ones for the city to take the leadHave a list of the signs
Painting and sign repairs.
Choose an artifact and clean/paint it.
Repair the worst of the artiifact signs
Need a lead for a painting project and
Sign repair

Restore passenger car by Apr 24Get bearings, re-assemble trucks, move to parkDone April 12; moved back to park