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1928 Willingdon Beach opens, with the Bath House (changing huts) moved down from near the present Trestle on WBTrail.

1948  Present Forestry Museum building built by the Powell River Company 

1958  Municipality takes over the operation of the beach. 

1986  The Powell River Museum Society (PRFMS) forms:

  • founding members Jack McCuish, Bill Finn, Andy Culos, Bill Tuba and Ken Gordon.
  • members create and maintain the displays and artifacts preserved in the Forestry Museum building at Willingdon Beach.
  • members maintain the Willingdon Beach Trail and its logging artifacts

2001 Steam Donkey moved to the trail

2003  Trestle built on the trail

2011  members create, operate and maintain the Paradise Valley Railroad at Paradise Exhibition Park.

2014 The Powell River  Heritage Society (PRFHS): forms as a name change to the PRFMS:

  • Forestry Museum building consolidated with the PR Historical Museum foresty collection, with its assets now owned and managed by the qathet Museum and Archives, with support and encouragement from the PRFHS
  • PRFHS members continue to maintain the historic Willingdon Beach Trail artifacts that are placed along the trail
  • PRFHS members continue to operate the Paradise Valley Railroad.

2022 Following the re-opening of the trail after the installation of the 18″wastewater pipe down the center of the trail, maintenance of the Willingdon Beach Trail and it’s logging artifacts were turned over to the City


  • Constitution: (Certificate of Incorporation Number S-0020958 5th day of February 1986)
  • The name of the Society is “Powell River Forestry Heritage Society”
  • The purposes of the Society are:
  1. to preserve and advance the heritage of the forestry industry of Powell River and District,
  2. to acquire, restore and maintain forestry equipment for the Willingdon Beach Trail,
  3. to develop and operate a model, ridable railroad at Paradise Exhibition Park
  4. to support the forestry collections of local museums
  • The bylaws of the Society are here
  • The officers of the PRFHS elected at the AGM on March 15, 2022 are:
  • President Dave Florence
    Vice President Administration (& Secretary/Treasurer) Geoff Stubbs
    Vice President (Railroad) Dan Parsons
    Vice President (Trail) Vacant (President acting)
    Directors at large: Dave McLennan (PRHMA rep), Stephen James, Bob Johnson, Phil Kemp, Rob Clark, Hans Maurer

HistoryGovernanceMinutesName ChangeProject List

Name Change

Along with other community organizations that serve the qathet Regional District, not just the city of Powell River, we will likely change our name to qathet Forestry Heritage Society, with the website going to

HistoryGovernanceMinutesName ChangeProject List


Some recent minutes are shown below. More are on the legacy website.

Project List

HistoryGovernanceMinutesName ChangeProject List