Model-building Projects

The model-building section of the Forestry Heritage Society is ramping up its activity in 2024 and is eager to attract new members who would like to participate.

Interested? Email:, or call Dave @ 604-413-1224

Some of our upcoming projects include: (click for more info)

Infrastructure Projects. In addition to our new model projects:

  • Maintenance on our rolling stock and Track: wheel grinding or replacement; track leveling, etc
    • Next task: Do essential work by May 5.
  • Station enhancements:
    • Electricity to the old shed, Paving and Gutters for the station to provide catchment water to our steam-engine water tank; Lean-to on the shed for the new eLoco and follow-on car
    • Next task: await funding status (We applied for a grant from PR Community Forest)
  • Cutting cedar planks into railroad ties
    • One batch of 168 ties was completed in April; another set of 2x2s is available.
  • History display upgrades
    • Next task: complete design.

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2.25 = 12″ Scale Climax Locomotive

Our model Climax locomotive is being built, similar to one that ran here in the 1920s. The plan and report are here in .pdf format, for viewing or downloading.

Photos of our parts and other Climax locomotives:

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Converting our main gas locomotive to hydraulic power

Our direct drive system is worn out. Dan is investigating the parts needed to install a hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and associated tank to provide our gas engine loco with an extended life

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Smokestack and plumbing for the Donkey #1619.

More about the Farmers Market Donkey here

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Garden Scale (G-Scale) Railroad

Example borrowed from the internet

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Full-scale Climax steam engine (Anderson Sawmill)

The Anderson collection has two of these steam engines that helped power the Anderson sawmill. We’d like to build a display using this climax, hopefully with a belt to a machine from the Anderson collection.

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Complete the Anderson Collection project

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