How to Join the Paradise Valley Railroad or Forestry Heritage Society
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  • Membership cost is free; we are open to everyone;
  • To become a member:
    • email us at expressing interest, or call Dave at 604-413-1224
    • attend two work parties or train crew days
    • provide contact details: email address (or phone number if not using email)
    • tell us your areas of interest: ride-on train operation, garden railroad or other building projects; skills we can use, etc
    • update us with any contact information changes;
    • Follow the procedures and safety standards for work parties
    • Support and comply with the Constitution and Bylaws
  • To resign your membership, simply send an email telling us that;
  • If you have not attended for a year, we will delete you from the member list;
  • meetings are held during work parties or train-operating days, with the
    Annual General Meeting in April on a Tuesday at 7 pm;
  • Work parties are called as needed