We welcome part-time crew members for the railroad and those who go on to become full time members.

New Members welcome!!
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The PRFHS welcomes new members.

  • We are open to everyone;
  • membership cost is free;
  • meetings are held during work parties, with the
    Annual General Meeting in April on a Tuesday at 7 pm.
  • Work parties are called as needed.
  • Member responsibilities (see below)

We have about 13 active members.

For enquiries prior to joining

Apply for a membership  Our form for hand-written applications could be printed from here and mailed or delivered to us.

Even easier, you could apply by email. Clip the following text into your email program and send it to

——highlight to ***; copy and clip to emailer and edit as needed———

Yes! enrol me as a prospective member of the PRFHS. I understand:
– Voting privileges and member card will be issued at a meeting following attendance at two meetings or work parties. 
– I must apply again if no attendance for a year. 
– There are no annual dues. 
– I will update my contact information to

  • Include me on emails or phone list for work parties, updates, meeting notices for these areas: (delete as needed)
  • Name:

Mailing Address: with postal code


Email address:

Areas I’ll help with (delete as needed)): trail/track labour, carpentry, metal work, meeting planning, photography, 
computer/administration, information table staffing/ticket selling, Other__________

***—————————-clip to here for email———————–

 Membership will be confirmed by phone and email

 Member Responsibilities

Good Standing   To remain a member in good standing, members must

  • Support and comply with the Constitution and Bylaws
  • Attend two or more work parties or meetings in one year
  • Follow the procedures and safety standards for work parties