Documents of Interest

Forests of British Columbia by H.N. Whitford and Roland D. Craig ; under the direction of Clyde Leavitt. Published in Ottawa, Canada by the Commission of Conservation in 1918. Available online at

An extract is available here

Powell Forest by M.W. Gormely, the 1931 Forest Survey #27 that describes what eventually became Tree Forest Licence 39. Available as a pdf here

Powell River Company Digester Magazines. 1922-1965. Kindly scanned and published online by the qathet Museum and Archives here.

As I remember it, by Elsie Paul kindly provided to read online by Raven Publishing here

historic Willingdon Beach Trail management After almost 40 years of management of the Willingdon Beach Trail by the Forestry Museum Society (renamed Forestry Heritage Society in 2014), effective September 2022, the trail is now fully managed by the City of Powell River as part of its Millenium Park. More information here