Railroad Work Parties

Tuesday, May 28, 6:30 at Dan’s shop:

  • start the Climax Frame (Dan picked up the side bars and deck sheet metal in New Westminster on May 17)
  • make securing system for the Picnic Tables
  • other shop tasks; and plan the next steps

May 30 or 31 at the park

  • String trim the post line and around the track, and blow the track;
  • Install the picnic tables (now in the Quonset)
  • fix the pumpkin patch fence (Laura is getting seedlings Sunday)
  • inspect the trucks to determine any maintenance needed.
  • (Dan did the loop grass last Saturday)

See all our projects here

In July/Aug

  • do any needed track levelling, switch oiling etc,
  • do some hand-weeding
  • plan where switch levers are needed; then make and install them
  • test the waterwheel; perhaps install a second pump  
  • collect windfalls around the track to piles by the horse trail, move them later to the burn pile for the fall fire. Save good burn-wood for the Ghost/Santa bonfires
  • Repair the Ghost/Santa Train light strings
  • review signage and plan any new signs

Previous work below.

On Tuesday evening, May 14, Dan, Karl and Dave:

  • made more wood ties; remaining 2x2s will be stored for future
  • Dan made some hockey-puck drive cones from hard pucks donated by Karl
  • Rope-post repair: cut and drilled 30″ rail pieces and installed them
  • April 16
  • Apr 16, 9 am to 2 pm We got ready to open the railroad.! Seven members came out on April 16. We had a terrific work party; thanks to Dan, Lynda, Bob, Laura, Stephen, Geoff and Dave for being there…. and Juhli/Farmers Market for the Pizza lunch Done Apr 16:  

… Stephen took the lead on the drive repair. Shortened the cone and used shorter bolts. A test run confirmed his re-design is right, but a new shortened rubber cone is needed

… Using Dan’s ATV and tailor, Moved the event-location woodpile and clean up partially burned wood to the main burn pile

… collected windfalls and had a fire in the main burn pile (but still have many windfalls to collect around the track)

… blew track, lopped low branches and cleaned gutters

… didn’t identify any track levelling problems on our one test run, but more testing is needed

… Laura tidied the garden in the Y and changed decorations on the station ropes

.. Dan brought the tractor down and moved some of the mulch from the tree grove area and other tasksRolling stock  tasks 

.. service loco oil  … complete essential repairs on the loco drive (Stephen did this May 3)

Other tasks.. saw deck boards on Donkey (Mark Mathews did that another day)